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Necklace With Pendants
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# QSX731
Sterling Silver Rhodium Rose-Tone Vibrant CZ Warm Embrace 18in Necklace
# QSX743
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Pink CZ Breast Cancer Heart 18in Necklace
# GK402-15
14k Madi K 3mm Aquamarine Heart Birthstone Necklace
# GK407-15
14k Madi K 3mm Emerald Heart Birthstone Necklace
# GK412-15
14k Madi K 3mm Opal Heart Necklace
# QSX728
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Red CZ Antiqued Key of David 18in Necklace
# QCM1547-16
Sterling Silver Cheryl M Rhod-pltd CZ Sand Dollar w/ 2in ext Necklace
# QDF181
Sterling Silver Platinum-Plated Diamond Mystique Heart Necklace
# QSX751
Sterling Silver Gold-tone CZ Heart of Gold 18in Necklace
# QSX734
Sterling Silver RH-plated Multi-color CZ Color Happy Circle 18in Necklace
# QSX750
Sterling Silver CZ Antiqued Soul Sister Heart 18in Necklace
# QSX749
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated CZ Friends are Forever Heart 18in Necklace
# QSX726
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated CZ Good and Perfect Cross 22in Necklace
# QSX746
Sterling Silver Gold-Tone Always Together 18in Necklace
# QCM1543-16
Sterling Silver Cheryl M Rhod-plated CZ Turtles w/ 2in ext Necklace
# QG6021-15.5
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plate Enamel Heart 2-Strand w/1in Ext Necklace
# QG6026-16
Sterling Silver Gold-tone CZ LOVE w/2in ext Necklace
# QSX732
Sterling Silver RH-plated Multi-Color CZ Color Me Happy 18in Necklace
# QSX755
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated CZ Memory Cross Locket 18in Necklace
# QSX727
Sterling Silver Gold-Tone Faith In Flight 22in Necklace
# QSX735
Sterling Silver RH-plated Multi-color CZ Color Happy Pallet 18in Necklace
# QSX733
Sterling Silver RH-plated Multi-color CZ Color Happy Square 18in Necklace
# QG6030-17
Sterling Silver & Rose-tone Beaded Heart Adjustable Necklace
# QSX747
Sterling Silver CZ Antiqued Love You To Pieces 18in Necklace
# QSX737
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated CZ Catch a Falling Star 18in Necklace
# QBH274-18
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated w/12K Accents Rose Necklace
# QSX785
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Beaded Bulb Shaped Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QSX782
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Scrolled Hearts Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QBH289-18
Sterling Silver Rhod-pltd w/12K Accents Created White Opal Necklace
# SF2870-16.5
14k Polished Heart 16.5in Necklace
# QSX774
Sterling Silver Rhodium Antiqued CZ Fly W/Angels 18in Ash Holder Necklace
# QBH275-20
Sterling Silver Antiqued w/12K Accents Black Hills Gold Necklace
# QG6027-17.5
Sterling Silver Antiqued CZ Heart 17.5in w/2in ext Necklace
# QSX779
Sterling Silver Rhodium Antiqued Love Nvr Ends Pet Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QSX783
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated My Angel Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QSX780
Sterling Silver Rhodium Antiqued Paws Cylinder Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# SF2869-16.5
14k Polished Puffed Heart 16.5 inch Necklace
# QG6037-18
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Polished Tigers Holding Ring CZ Necklace
# QSX781
Sterling Silver Rhodium Gold-Tone Heart Egg Shaped Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QSX784
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Shell Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# QSX775
Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated Antiqued Goodnight Ash Holder 18in Necklace
# SF2866-15
14k Rose Gold Polished CZ Heart w/1.25 in ext Necklace
# SF2910-15
14k Yellow Gold Polished CZ Double Circle 15in w/1in ext Necklace
# SF2871-16.5
14k Polished Puffed Heart 16.5 inch Necklace
# SF2913-15
14k Polished CZ Heart w/1.25 in ext Necklace
# SF2527-18
14k Polished Puffed Heart 18 inch Necklace
# SF2873-18
14k Polished and Satin 3 Puffed Hollow Hearts Necklace
# SF2942-18
14K Two Tone Polished D/C Hearts Necklace
# QG6080-16
Sterling Silver & Rose-tone Polished Moveable Heart Necklace
# SF2867-18
14K Two Tone Fancy Link D/C Heart in Open Circle Necklace
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